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Workplace Violence Is a Concern for Safety Professionals

When it comes to the hazards employer must protect workers from, violence is a relatively new addition to the list. Safety professionals have accepted that their companies have a duty to protect workers from being assaulted or attacked on the job. But violence can take many forms.

We recently asked about the kinds of violence you’re most worried about in your workplace. Only 13% of the respondents said they weren’t worried about violence at all.

The rest were concerned about:

  • Violence by workers against other workers (58%)
  • Violence by disgruntled or former employees. (36%)
  • Violence by outsiders, such as clients, visitors, criminals, etc. (33%)
  • Domestic violence that spills over into the workplace. (29%).

The OHS Insider’s Workplace Violence Compliance Centre can help you address each of these types of violence. For example, it includes: