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Nova Scotia

OHS Insider Month in Review – November 2017: Nova Scotia

For several years, Nova Scotia Power has run a successful mercury diversion program earning air quality credits to offset excessive emissions

Homeowner Fined for OHS Violation

$1,000 OHS fine wouldn’t rate its own item in the CASES section of our Month in Review.
workplace drug

OHS Insider Month in Review – November 2017: Northwest Territories

As expected, workplace drug use was discussed during the GNWT’s recent public review on implementing legalized cannabis within the Territories.

OHS Insider Month in Review – November 2017: Newfoundland & Labrador

If you’re an injured worker getting workers’ comp benefits and your chiropractor demands that you pay out-of-pocket starting today, don’t do it.

Irving Oil Fined $4 Million for Deadly Train Derailment

A train carrying 7.7 million litres of crude oil travelling at 104 km/hour derailed in the small Québec town of Lac-Mégantic, killing 47 and causing a number of fires and explosions.

OHS Insider Month in Review – November 2017: New Brunswick

Consultations are underway on a plan to make workplace violence prevention an express duty under OHS laws.

OHS Insider Month in Review – November 2017: Manitoba

Key tactics in SAFE Work Manitoba’s new 5-year plan for preventing occupational illnesses.

Wood Products Manufacturer Fined $42K+ for Worker’s Machine Injury

A worker lost 2 fingers when the lumber splicing machine he was placing truss plates into unexpectedly started up.

Injured Worker Claims Disability Discrimination after Return to Work Plan Fails

Work Plan Fails, a dairy checker wanted to return to work after suffering a work injury but the company couldn’t find him a position suitable for his capacities.
British Columbia

OHS Insider Month in Review – November 2017: British Columbia

British Columbia, reminder that new OHS regulations take effect requiring employers to ensure that storage racks f 2.4 metres or higher.