Guidance and Insights

OHS Insider — Aug. 2016

The topics covered in this issue include OHS program requirements, chainsaw safety and protecting incident investigation documents with privilege

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: 9 Tips for Preventing Trips

Does the marked walkway provide safe passage for workers? What has made this path dangerous? Learn 9 tips for preventing trips in the workplace.

DOS & DON’TS: [√] Have an Incident Investigation Kit Ready to Go

To conduct an effective and prompt incident investigation, prepare a kit of the tools you'll need in advance and have it readily available.

VIDEO: Sun Safety at Work: Employers

This video illustrates the dangers of sun exposure and heat stress, and describes employers’ responsibilities to protect their workers.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Why You Need a Spill Prevention Plan

What do you think could happen if this scary looking substance spilled into this floor drain? Learn 6 steps for creating a spill prevention plan.

MANAGING YOUR OHS PROGRAM: Engaged Workplaces Are Safer for Workers

A study found that cultures in which employees are engaged in their jobs are safer places to work. Here’s an overview of the study's findings.


Could this worker possibly be doing this job in a less safe manner? Learn some tips for safely using step ladders.

OHS PROGRAM: Take 6 Steps to Protect Workers from Welding Hazards

Take these steps to ensure your OHS program complies with the welding requirements and adequately protects welders and their co-workers.

KNOW THE LAWS: Welding PPE Requirements

Here are the PPE requirements specific to welding under the OHS regulations in each jurisdiction.

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Can Employer Require Workers to Tuck in Their Shirts?

An employer unilaterally imposes a rule requiring workers to tuck in their shirts for safety reasons. The union objects. Is the employer's rule justified?