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Environmental Compliance Insider Special Report 2016, Vol. 3

This third special report of 2016 includes the most recent environmental articles, laws, cases, tools, etc. that we covered on

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Take 5 Steps to Protect Workers Handling Materials

Why did this trolley carrying a load of pipes fall over—and what do you think happened to the worker pushing the trolley at the time?

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Can Employer Remove Medical Marijuana User from Safety Sensitive Position?

A worker in a safety sensitive job legally uses marijuana to manage pain. He's never high at work and does his job well. Can his employer reassign him?

Recorded Webinar: Due Diligence and Worker Training

This recorded webinar reviews the legal duties for worker training and provides practical advice on how employers can achieve due diligence as to training.

BRIEF SENIOR MANAGEMENT: Study Shows CEOs Indirectly Influence Safety Culture & Worker Injuries

A new study found that CEOs indirectly influence worker safety by fostering a safety climate in senior management, which trickles down to the lower levels.


If a fire broke out in your workplace, how useful would this fire extinguisher be? Learn the fire extinguisher basics.

Webinar: OHS Duties as to Temporary Workers

In this webinar, lawyer Paul Lalonde will discuss the use of temporary workers and the various legal and practical issues it creates in the OHS sphere.

THE INSIDER’S 12th DUE DILIGENCE SCORECARD, PART 1: A Look at Recent Cases Involving...

Part 1 of this year's Due Diligence Scorecard includes nine reported safety cases from across Canada that involve the due diligence defence.


This worker could easily be killed if the car falls off these rigged up jacks. How should he have elevated the vehicle instead?

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Is Nearly Running over a Co-Worker Grounds for Termination?

A truck driver drives fast in slushy road conditions and nearly hits a co-worker. But he shows no remorse. Can the employer fire him?