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Are You Protecting Workers from MRSA Infections?

In some workplaces, workers may be at risk of getting a drug-resistant staph infection called MRSA. Learn more about MRSA and how to protect your workers.

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Disgruntled Ex-Employee Kills Former Co-Workers During Live TV Broadcast

The tragic shooting in Virginia of two workers by a former co-worker on live TV reminds us of the all too real risk of violence erupting on the job.


When to Close Your Workplace Due to Bad Weather

Bad weather can endanger workers. So decide how you’ll handle various bad weather conditions and when you’ll close the workplace or delay its opening.

Time for a Cat Nap?

Letting Workers Nap on the Job Has Benefits, Says New Study

A new study says naps may help workers counteract impulsive behaviour, boost tolerance for frustration, and improve workplace safety and production.

TO GO WITH: China-explosion-Tianjin-economy, FOCUS (FILES) This photo taken on August 16, 2015 shows mangled cargo containers and twisted wreckage at the site of the explosions in Tianjin.  With a swathe of one of the world's busiest ports in ruins, more than a billion dollars in losses, and some major multinational firms still unable to access their premises, the economic impact of the Tianjin explosions could reverberate for months.     CHINA OUT     AFP PHOTOSTR/AFP/Getty Images

Lessons from the Recent Chinese Warehouse Explosions

Explosions and fires at a warehouse in Tianjin, China have resulted in the deaths of at least 114 people and raised many workplace safety questions.

tripping hazard

9 Tips for Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls in Your Workplace

The injuries that can be caused by slips, trips or falls may seem minor but can have a big impact on workers and the workplace. Here are 9 tips to prevent them.


Office Workers Should Stand for at Least Two Hours a Day, Says Study

Too much sitting exposes office workers to certain health hazards. That’s why a new British study recommends they use standing desks for 2-4 hours a day.

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Case Is a Reminder that Serious Safety Incidents Can Justify Worker’s Termination

If a worker’s misconduct results in a serious safety incident, you may be justified in firing him–even if no one is hurt or killed.

tuna oven

Criminal Charges in Gruesome California Fatality End in $6 Million Settlement

Criminal charges in California against a tuna company in a worker’s awful death were just settled for $6 million. Two company employees also pleaded guilty.

falling bricks

Take 8 Steps to Prevent Objects from Falling from Heights

Workers aren’t the only ones who can fall from heights. The tools, materials, etc. they use can also fall and seriously injure or kill people below.



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