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Special Report: The OHS Insider’s 2016 Due Diligence Scorecard

The annual OHS Insider’s Due Diligence Scorecard discusses 9 reported safety cases decided since Sept. 2015 and the 13 lessons we’ve drawn from these cases.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Avoid Liability for Icy Slips-and-Falls

It’s no wonder that this man slipped and fell in this icy company parking lot. What should the company have done to prevent this slip-and-fall?

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Did PPE Policy Discriminate Against Electrician with Foot Disability?

A disabled worker needs to wear custom safety footwear, which isn't CSA certified and violates the employer's PPE policy. What should the employer do?

OHS Insider — Dec. 2016

This issue covers due diligence lessons, workers' negligent driving, preventing spread of the flu, protecting female workers and incident investigation kits.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Protecting Workers from Cold Stress

What should these workers be wearing to protect themselves from cold stress while sanding this icy road? Learn how to protect workers in the winter.

BRIEF SENIOR MANAGEMENT: Robust EHS Program Will Protect Company from Liability

A robust EHS program will support a due diligence defence if your company is faced with environmental offences as a result of a spill or other incident.

Webinar: Using Technology to Train Millennials

Millennials are thought to be hard to engage and even harder to keep interested. It may surprise you to learn most millennials WANT training.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Winter Weather Increases Combustible Dust Risks

This equipment is covered in grain dust. Yes, it’s messy but could it also pose a safety hazard? Learn about the impact of winter weather on such dust.

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: When Can an Employer Fire a Worker for Recklessness?

A worker's failure to follow safety protocols results in a train derailment and $600,000 in damage. But he passes a drug/alcohol test. Can he be fired?

Recorded Webinar: OHS Duties as to Temporary Workers

In this webinar, lawyer Paul Lalonde will discuss the use of temporary workers and the various legal and practical issues it creates in the OHS sphere.