Guidance and Insights

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Is Drinking on the Job Just Cause for Termination?

An auto dealership fires a manager, who admits drinking a glass or two of wine at lunch. But there's no proof he's impaired. Is his termination justified?

Video: Dangerously Close: Explosion in West, Texas

Watch this CSB Safety Video on the April 17, 2013, fire and explosion at the West Fertilizer Company in West, Texas, which resulted in 15 fatalities.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Ladders & Power Lines Are a Bad Combination

Should this ladder be anywhere near overhead power lines—much less leaning against them? Learn about safe work near power lines.

AROUND THE PROVINCES: General Electrical Safety and PPE Requirements

Workers may need to wear rubber gloves or other PPE to protect them from electric shock or burns. Here are the general electrical safety and PPE requirements in each jurisdiction.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Bearing the Weight of Heavy Snow

What do you think caused the roof of this store to collapse and the walls to bulge? Learn how to keep heavy snow and ice from causing roof collapses.

OHS Insider — Feb. 2016

In this issue of the newsletter, we discuss 8 dos and don'ts as to workplace violence, how to protect workers from asbestos and Alberta's move to include farms and ranches under its OHS laws.

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Is It Discriminatory to Reduce Pay for Accommodated Worker?

A worker loses his licence for medical reasons. He can do all aspects of his job but drive to sites, which co-workers can do. Can his employer cut his pay as a result?

DOS & DON’TS: [√] Ensure PPE Policy Is Clear

If your PPE policy is unclear or contradicted by verbal instructions, you may not be allowed to discipline a worker for violating it.

VIDEO: WHMIS 2015 for Employers

This video from WorkSafeBC explains the primary changes to WHMIS 2015, your responsibilities as an employer and the phases of implementation in BC.

VIDEO: WHMIS 2015 for Workers

This video from WorkSafeBC helps workers understand the key changes to WHMIS 2015 and their employers' responsibilities to provide education and training.