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This photo depicts several safety hazards. How many can you spot?

Environmental Compliance Insider Special Report 2017, Vol. 1

Every few months, we compile the most recent environmental articles, cases, tools, etc. from the website into a special report. This report is our first for 2017.

Recorded Webinar: Increasing Participation and Completion Rates of Online Training

Training is a key factor in a safety program. Effective training reduces injury and incident rates by raising awareness of hazards and safe work practices.

TEST YOUR OHS I.Q.: Can Temp Worker Be Fired for Second Safety Infraction?

A temporary worker commits 2 safety infractions, including violating lockout procedures. Does the employer need and have just cause to fire him?


Is the worker operating the bulldozer trying to bury his co-worker in the trench? And why isn’t the man in the hat stopping him?

RECORDED WEBINAR: Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace

This webinar provides an overview of employer obligations in relation to workplace bullying and harassment, with an emphasis on BC’s laws.

POSTER: Walk Safely this Winter

Download and display this poster from WorkplaceNL with tips for workers on walking safely this winter.

SPOT THE SAFETY VIOLATION: Avoid this Common Step Ladder Mistake

Is this ladder the best choice for this task? What would be a safer way to do this job? Learn some safety tips for using step ladders.

FOCUS ON: Safety Issues & Regulation in the Healthcare Industry

Here's a look at the hazards workers in the healthcare industry face and how the jurisdictions regulate healthcare safety and hazards in their OHS laws.

KNOW THE LAWS: Healthcare Industry Safety Regulations

Here’s what you need to know about how your jurisdiction regulates safety in the healthcare industry in its OHS laws.