Workplace Violence

Workplace harassment and violence pose significant risks to employee health and safety and are central concerns in Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). Harassment encompasses unwelcome behaviors, comments, or actions that create a hostile or intimidating work environment, while workplace violence includes physical assaults, threats, or aggressive behavior. OHS guidelines emphasize the development of clear policies against harassment and violence, regular training for employees and managers, and establishing reporting mechanisms for incidents. Prevention strategies involve creating a culture of respect, promoting awareness, addressing complaints promptly, and implementing security measures when necessary. Ensuring a safe and inclusive work environment free from harassment and violence is crucial for the well-being and productivity of employees.

Workplace Harassment Prevention – Compliance Game Plan

The employer’s duty to prevent workplace harassment has evolved from […]

Workplace Harassment Investigation Checklist

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Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Policy

For purposes of this Policy, ‘harassment and violence’ means any […]

Workplace Harassment Laws Around The Provinces

What the OHS laws require you to do to prevent […]

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Workplace Harassment Laws Around The Provinces

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Reminder To Federal Employers: Deadline For Annual Workplace Harassment And Violence Occurrence Report

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