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Monthly & Regular Workplace Inspections Compliance Game Plan

The 11 things you must do to comply with OHS workplace inspection rules.

Monthly Workplace Inspection Report Form

Once the monthly or other regularly scheduled workplace inspection is done, it’s essential for the [...]

Federal Court Invalidates Government Policy for Failing to Protect Migratory Birds

Protecting the nest isn’t enough to conserve the critical habitat of endangered bird species.

OHS Fines Scorecard for 2024 (Feb. 14 to March 15)

Ontario dishes out the most fines but Alberta dishes out the highest ones.

British Columbia Launches New Output Based Pricing System

What BC OHS coordinators need to know to comply with the new OBPS

OHS “Competent’ Person” Requirements Compliance Game Plan

Take 6 steps to ensure workers are “competent” to perform their jobs safely under OHS laws.

OHS Work Refusals Response & Compliance Game Plan

13 things you must do to minimize work refusals disruption without violating workers’ OHS rights

Province Not Effectively Managing Hazardous Spills, says B.C.’s Auditor General

The number of hazardous spills in British Columbia has trended upwards over the last several years [...]

Court Upholds Employer’s Dismissal Of Health And Safety Manager For Cause

In Lagala v. Patene Building Supplies Ltd, 2024 ONSC 253 (CanLII), the employee was dismissed for [...]

You Can’t Contract Your Way Out of Environmental Liability

Brief your corporate officers on why hiring independent contractors doesn’t get the company off the [...]

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