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What You Had to Say about Your Safety Compliance Needs

It’s important to us at the OHS Insider to give safety professionals the information, tools and other resources you need to manage your companies’ OHS programs and ensure compliance with the OHS laws.

To make sure we’re fulfilling your needs, we recently conducted a two-question survey. We got 356 responses! One lucky respondent was randomly chosen to win the Kindle Fire. (We’re waiting to hear back from that person so we can send him/her the prize, so check your email for a message from Rick at Bongarde.)

As to the types of safety compliance information you need the most, the top five selections were:

  1. Updates on new OHS laws & regulations
  2. Downloadable tools
  3. Information on developments in your specific jurisdictions
  4. Updates on new safety cases
  5. Safety training resources.

The good news is that the OHS Insider already provides these types of information—and we’ll continue to do so.

For example, you can get information on new OHS laws and regulations, recent cases and prosecutions for safety violations and other safety-related news for each jurisdiction in Canada by going to the Legal Landscape and selecting your province or territory. And these sections are updated every week!

For a wide selection of downloadable tools, including model policies, forms, checklists and the like, go to the Toolbox. We feature a new tool every Tuesday and include additional tools with most feature articles.

Lastly, we have safety training resources in our Training Compliance Centre. But for even more training information, go to our sister site SAFETY SMART ONLINE, which provides safety coordinators with tools to help them reinforce learning and manage their safety program, such as safety talks, quizzes, cost-of-injury worksheets, online training and injury tracking forms.

In the survey, we also asked you to rate our coverage of various safety topics. The topics you said you’d like more coverage of include:

  • Return to work
  • Incident investigations
  • Training
  • Dealing with inspectors
  • Discipline.

In response, we’re committed to increasing our coverage of these topics.

One topic—selling safety to management—got an interesting response. A high of 11.3% said we cover this topic too much—but an additional 34% said we don’t cover it enough.

Follow-up Questions

For those of you who participated in the survey, can you tell us why you rated our coverage of the seemingly controversial selling safety to management topic the way you did’

On the topic of discipline, what aspect of this topic in particular do you want us to cover more—reprisals’ Progressive discipline?