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Ontario 2015-16 Safety Inspection Blitz Schedule & Compliance Resources

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour (MOL) recently released its 2015-16 proactive enforcement blitz and initiative schedules for the OHS Program and Employment Standards Program. The MOL will be conducting:

  • ‘Provincial Blitzes,’ which are province-wide, sector-specific enforcement initiatives; and
  • Regional ‘Initiatives,’ which are smaller-scale enforcement initiatives.

Here’s the health and safety provincial inspection blitz schedule as well as links to OHS Insider resources, including tools, to help make sure your workplace can pass inspection.

And even if your workplace isn’t in Ontario, your jurisdiction’s OHS enforcement agency may target similar hazards. So these resources can assist you in improving your OHS program as to these hazards, too.


Focus Sector Dates OHSI Resources
Struck by Hazards Construction May-June 2015 When a Signaller Is Required by the OHS Laws

Traffic Control Plan Checklist

Traffic Control Plan Form

New & Young Workers Industrial May-Aug. 2015 New and Young Worker Compliance Centre
Trenching Hazards Construction July-Aug. 2015 Hazard Profile: Excavations and Trenching

Spot the Safety Violation

Trench/Excavation Inspection Checklist

Mobile Equipment Traffic Control Hazards Mining July-Aug. 2015 When a Signaller Is Required by the OHS Laws

Traffic Control Plans

Traffic Control Plan Form

Material Handling Industrial Sept. 14-Oct. 23, 2015 Manual Materials Handling

Manual Handling Risk Assessment Worksheet

Spot the Safety Violation

Ergonomics Compliance Centre

Heavy Equipment Operation Construction Oct.-Nov. 2015 7 Key Elements of the Lifting Device Requirements

Overhead Crane Lift Calculation Form

Protecting Workers from Rollovers

Modular Training Mining Oct.-Nov. 2015 Safety in the Mining Industry
Safe Operation of Machinery Industrial Jan. 18-Feb. 26, 2016 Choosing an Appropriate Guard

Machine Guarding Checklist

Elements of a Troubleshooting Policy

Compliance with Group Lockout Requirements

Spot the Safety Violation

Occupational Disease Mining Feb.-March 2016 A 7 Step Medical Monitoring Compliance Plan

Worker Consent Form