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How Often Should You Conduct Safety Training?

The OHS laws across Canada require employers to provide various kinds of safety training for workers, from safety orientations for new workers to special training for members of the JHSC. In some cases, the OHS laws specify when and how often you must provide certain training.

For example, the new Ontario safety awareness training requirements for supervisors require an employer to ensure that a supervisor completes a basic OHS awareness training program within one week of performing work as a supervisor. And most OHS laws require new workers to get safety orientations as soon as possible after they start work.

But how often you provide required training isn’t always spelled out in the OHS laws.

So we recently asked how often you conduct safety training for workers. You said:

  • Monthly (40%)
  • Weekly (24%)
  • Only as needed (13%)
  • Daily (13%)
  • Annually (10%).

To ensure that you comply with the training requirements in your jurisdiction’s OHS laws by providing the necessary training when and as often as required, go to the OHS Insider‘s Training Compliance Centre, where you’ll find information on:

And go to SafetySmart for tools to help you manage and reinforce training, such as safety talks and quizzes.