Simply slapping a “green” label on your product can lead to massive fines, administrative monetary penalties, and private lawsuits.


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Joint Health & Safety Committee

The Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) is a vital component of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in many workplaces. It comprises representatives from both management and workers, collaborating to identify, assess, and address health and safety concerns in the workplace. The committee’s primary role is to promote and maintain a safe work environment by conducting workplace inspections, investigating incidents or hazards, making recommendations for improvements, and participating in the development and review of health and safety policies. JHSCs play a crucial role in facilitating communication between workers and management regarding OHS matters, fostering a culture of safety, and ensuring compliance with OHS regulations to safeguard the well-being of all employees.

Brief Your JHSC on What Safety Culture Is & Why You Need It

The JHSC plays a key role in promoting a positive […]

Rejection of JHSC Recommendation Notice

Here’s a template you can adapt to reject a JHSC […]

Responding to JHSC Recommendations – Know The Laws of Your Province

Here’s a look at the requirements under each jurisdiction’s OHS laws for employers as to responding to JHSC recommendations.

Joint Health & Safety Committee Participation in Hazard Assessment?

Hazard identification and assessment must be carried out in consultation […]

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Simply slapping a “green” label on your product can lead to massive fines, administrative monetary [...]

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Can One JHSC Represent Multiple Worksites?

When employers can get an exemption from the usual one JHSC per worksite requirement.

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