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Making the Business Case For Workplace Health & Safety Investments

It’s easy to get focused on immediate safety goals in your workplace, such as giving safety orientations to workers you’ve just hired, complying with new requirements in the OHS laws that are about to take effect and simply keeping the OHS program operating effectively.

But setting long-term environmental, health and safety (EHS) goals can have a much bigger impact on your workplace’s overall safety performance and culture. For example, in 1995, Dow Chemical set EHS goals it wanted to attain by 2005. The company drastically improved its EHS performance and attained nearly all of these goals. The initiative not only contributed billions to Dow’s bottom line, but also improved employee morale, enhanced the company’s industry standing and helped it attract and retain top talent. This special report a looks at a case study from the Campbell Institute on Dow’s approach and its success as well as how it followed up those initial goals.