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Video Surveillance Policy Template

BENEFITS Video surveillance in the workplace can be very useful. For example, it can help you [...]

Bilingual Safety Training – Know the Laws of Your Province

Only 7 jurisdictions mention anything about languages in their OHS laws.

Work Refusal Notification Form

You’re not allowed to assign somebody to perform work that’s currently subject to [...]

Enforcement Trends – Special Report

Educate your supervisors on how being too lenient hurts the company. Workers who disobey safety [...]

Duty to Accommodate Special Report

An employer is generally not entitled to an employee’s detailed medical information such as [...]

How Do You Know If It Is Constructive Dismissal?

Speaker: Teri Treiber & Tessa Green How Do You Know If It Is Constructive Dismissal’ [...]

New & Young Workers: How Do You Protect Them?

New & Young Workers How Do You Protect Them’ Under the OHS laws, employers have a duty to [...]

Serious OHS Investigations

DATE: June 29, 2022 TIME: 9:00AM-10:30AM PT SPEAKER: Andrew Wood, Harris & Company LLP   [...]

Hazards & Operations that Require Special OHS Training

The OHS laws impose 2 kinds of safety training requirements. The first is a general requirement [...]

Alberta, Canada Human Rights Tribunal Reminds Employees They Have Duties In The Workplace Accommodation Process

In Zupcic v Saputo Foods Limited, 2022 AHRC 13 (Saputo), the Human Rights Tribunal of Alberta [...]

Work Refusals Special Report

Refusing to perform assigned work is normally an act of insubordination for which a worker can be [...]

Whom To Call To Report a Spill or Discharge

Every jurisdiction has an ’emergency spill hotline’ that you can call to report a spill [...]

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