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OHS Self-Assessment & Action Procedure


All employers should have an OHS program to prevent workplace injuries, fatalities and occupational illnesses. Such programs are often required by the OHS laws and, in any event, are necessary to prove due diligence. Once you’ve implemented an OHS program, you should regularly assess it to ensure that it’s effective and addresses all hazards in the workplace. And you should update and improve the program when necessary.


These forms are based on ones in a workbook from NIOSH, Fundamentals of Total Worker Health® Approaches: Essential Elements for Advancing Worker Safety, Health, and Well-being, which prioritizes a hazard-free workplace for all workers and applies a modern prevention approach—consistent with traditional OHS prevention principles. It focuses on five “Defining Elements”:

  1. Demonstrate leadership commitment to worker health and safety at all levels of the organization.
  2. Design work to eliminate or reduce health and safety hazards and promote worker well-being.
  3. Promote and support worker engagement throughout program design and implementation.
  4. Ensure confidentiality and privacy of workers.
  5. Integrate relevant systems to advance worker well-being.

Use the first form to assess your current OHS program and workplace safety practices in light of the above elements. Then use the information from that completed form to develop an action plan to help you get your OHS program to where you want it to be.


NIOSH’s Fundamentals of Total Worker Health® Approaches: Essential Elements for Advancing Worker Safety, Health, and Well-being