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Federal Government Publishes New Cap-and-Trade Framework for Oil and Gas Sector GHG Emissions

The 6 things OHS directors need to know about the new cap-and-trade rules.

Culture of Care

Speaker: Spencer Beach This presentation is designed to help top and middle management understand [...]

Safety in the Digital Revolution

Speaker: Rick Fineman, BHHC In the keynote session about “Safety in the Digital [...]

First Deadline For Compliance With Accessibility Legislation For Federally Regulated Employees Is Around The Corner

The first deadline for compliance with the Accessible Canada Act (ACA) and its regulations is only [...]

OHS Legal Issues With Due Diligence Defenses – Special Report

Is Following an Industry Standard Enough to Show Due Diligence’ One of your most important [...]

Perils of Contracting for Construction Work: Uncertain Responsibilities of Project Owners

DATE: May 3, 2023 TIME: 9:00AM-10:30AM Pacific SPEAKERS: Jeremy Schwartz & Ryan Conlin Most [...]

Due Diligence 2022, The 17th Annual Scorecard

While the paramount objective is to prevent OHS violations and injuries, nobody expects you to be [...]

The 13 Most Important OHS Cases of 2022

Technically, courts and legislatures are supposed to make the laws while courts, arbitrators and [...]

Special Protections for Pregnant/Breastfeeding Workers – Know the Laws of your Province

Employers may have to temporarily reassign pregnant workers to less hazardous jobs. The OHS [...]

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