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2021 Due Diligence Guide


New regulations have taken effect regarding workplace safety, temporary layoffs, right to disconnect, privacy, and COVID-leave to name just a few. What’s more, the courts, although frustrated by COVID restrictions,

2021 Due Diligence Guide2021-10-18T10:53:08-07:00

Working Safely with Lead


This guide from the International Lead Association provides information to help workers protect themselves & employers minimize the risk of occupational exposure to lead.

Working Safely with Lead2020-06-22T21:25:51-07:00

Working on Stockpiles


A safety talk from the IHSA on the multiple hazards when working on or around stockpiles of earth, clay, sand or gravel. Download the Safety Talk below.

Working on Stockpiles2020-06-22T21:22:25-07:00

Worker Wellness Fact Sheet


Here’s a fact sheet for workers from the National Safety Council on small changes to improve your overall health. See also: Wellness Crossword Puzzle Wellness Quiz for Workers

Worker Wellness Fact Sheet2020-06-22T21:20:39-07:00

WHMIS 2015 at Work


This book from WorkSafeBC contains general information about WHMIS 2015. It summarizes: Key changes from the original WHMIS program Describes the three main elements of WHMIS (labels, safety data sheets and

WHMIS 2015 at Work2020-06-22T21:11:06-07:00
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