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Let Us Help You Comply with Ontario’s Safety Awareness Training Regulation

In Nov. 2013, the Ontario MOL released a final regulation requiring employers to ensure that all workers and supervisors complete mandatory OHS awareness training.

The regulation applies to all workplaces covered by the OHS Act regardless of size or industry sector. And it takes effect on July 1, 2014’less than a month away. So as of July 1, Ontario workplaces must be in compliance with the awareness training regulation.

Are you in compliance’ Have all your workers and supervisors gotten the mandated awareness training’ According to a recent OHS Insider poll of Ontario safety professionals, only 18% have completed the required training.

If your Ontario workplace is in the other 72%, our sister site Safety Smart can help you meet the July 1 compliance deadline’and easily maintain the necessary training records.

At Safety Smart, you can sign up your workers and supervisors to take an online awareness training course. This course is based on the MOL’s free online training’but ours is a trackable version that also helps you comply with the regulation’s recordkeeping requirements. The MOL version doesn’t keep records of who has been trained or store their completion certificates.

The worker awareness training course is available on Safety Smart right now and the supervisor course will be available very soon.

Pricing for the courses is based on the number of workers/supervisors who need to be trained. Call 1-800-667-9300 now for details about our Ontario awareness training and other safety training courses!

To get up to speed on exactly what’s required, here are some OHS Insider resources on the awareness training requirements: