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Training – 2023 Year in Review


Jul 25: The British Columbia Institute of Technology received a $3.3 million government grant to create a new hub offering mass-timber skills training.



Jun 7: With financial assistance from the province, the New Brunswick Community College launched a new mobile training centre for apprentices, immigrants, First Nations and remote communities.



May 17: Ontario announced that it will provide an additional $12.5 million to the province’s 6 health and safety awareness associations to promote OHS training, including: i. Infrastructure Health & Safety Association; ii. Public Services Health & Safety Association; iii. Workplace Safety & Prevention Services; iv. Workplace Safety North; v. Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers; and vi. Workers Health and Safety Centre.


Jun 27: With at least 6,100 more truck drivers needed, Ontario will invest $1.3 million provide free driver training to 54 women, immigrants and other underrepresented groups. Only 2% of truck drivers in Ontario are women.


Aug 8: Ontario will invest $3.6 million to support 3 projects offering free training to women and young people seeking a career in the construction trades under the auspices of the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario (PBCTCO).


Aug 25: In response to the ongoing labour shortage, Ontario announced that it will invest an additional $126 million in the Skills Development Fund. The goal is to ensure that at least 100,000 workers get the free training necessary to be deemed hire-able by em