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Return to Work – 2023 Year in Review


Jul 17: From now through September 1, WorkSafeBC will be holding public consultations on 4 proposed policies implementing the new employer duties to cooperate with and maintain employment for workers who suffer work-related injuries that take effect on January 1, 2024.

Action Point: Find out about the workers comp re-employment rules in each part of Canada.


Nov 24: BC passed workers comp reform legislation (Bill 41) requiring employers to re-employ injured workers. Employers and injured workers must cooperate in return to work and WorkSafeBC can issue Administrative Monetary Penalties against employers for violating their cooperation or return to work duties. The law also bans employers to discourage workers from filing workers comp claims.

Action Point: Find out about the workers comp re-employment rules in each part of Canada.



Feb 16: WorkSafeNB kicked off a new “Getting back is part of getting better” advertising campaign to highlight the importance that work plays in the injury and illness recovery process. More than 3,400 New Brunswick workers missed time due to a work injury in 2021.



Jan 30: WorkplaceNL issued revised guidance (Bulletin 33) on workers comp return to work rules and the duty of employers to reemploy workers returning from work injuries. The key revisions affect the requirements for in-person and virtual assessments of injured workers.



Dec 7: Newly tabled Bill 57 would ban the WSIB from factoring earnings that an injured worker could make in suitable and available work they don’t actually have into their benefit amounts unless the worker refuses such work in bad faith.

Action Point: Use the OHSI Special Report on Return to Work to get injured workers back quickly and safely.