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Prior Sleep Calculator Form


Worker fatigue poses a safety hazard because exhausted workers may have slowed reaction times or exercise poor judgment and thus cause safety incidents. So it’s important to take steps to address fatigue if it’s an issue in your workplace. To that end, you may need to be able to determine whether a specific worker is too fatigued to work safely at any given time.


Use this Prior Sleep Calculator (PSC) Form from the IPIECA, a global oil and gas association, to estimate the likely state of fatigue of a particular worker at a specific point in time. The recommendations given by the calculator must be treated with caution—it’s not an exact science and the calculated scores are no more than a guide to the likelihood of a “typical” individual being in a fatigued state.

Note: Using the calculator doesn’t take away a company’s duties to comply with the OHS law, its own OHS or fatigue management systems, and other relevant requirements for the safe management of work.