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Wildfire Smoke Safe Work Procedures

Smoke from wildfires are a perennial risk for workers in all parts of Canada, particularly during [...]

Monthly Workplace Inspection Report Form

Once the monthly or other regularly scheduled workplace inspection is done, it’s essential for the [...]

Outside Contractor Entry Notification Form

Here’s an example of an Outside Contractor Entry Notification form template that you can use [...]

Physical Demand Analysis Form

A Physical Demand Analysis (PDA) is a systematic assessment that evaluates the physical [...]

Blasting Incident Report Form

Most jurisdictions require employers to report blasting incidents to OHS authorities within a [...]

Blasting Safety Log

Most jurisdictions require blasters to create and sign and employers to retain a log recording key [...]

Energized Electrical Work Permit

Before allowing workers to work on or near energized electrical equipment, steps should be taken to [...]

Work Refusal Notification Form

You’re not allowed to assign somebody to perform work that’s currently subject to [...]

AEDs Re-Stocking Form

It’s important to replace AED equipment immediately after each use so that the device is [...]

AEDs Post-Incident Cleaning Protocol

It’s important to clean the AED and replace the pads and other equipment immediately after [...]

AEDs Incident Report Form

Record of AED Use & First Aid Rendered Here’s a form, which comes from the Canadian Red [...]

Rejection of JHSC Recommendation Notice

Here’s a template you can adapt to reject a JHSC recommendation that you consider [...]

Workplace Naloxone Incident Debriefing Form

In addition to an incident report form to be completed immediately after a workplace naloxone [...]

Naloxone Hazard Incident Report

If you have a workplace naloxone program, you need to keep records of overdose incidents to [...]

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