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Ergonomics-Related Injury Records Review Form


Employers have a duty to minimize ergonomics-related injuries for two reasons. First, injuries caused by poor design, repetitive motion and excessive force or vibration—alternately called musculoskeletal, soft tissue or repetitive motion injuries—account for a high percentage of all workplace injuries. Second, the OHS laws in all Canadian jurisdictions—either expressly or implicitly—require employers to protect workers from ergonomics-related hazards. One way to identify such hazards is by reviewing records on injuries, which can help you spot trends or patterns that might have an ergonomics-related cause.


Use this form when reviewing records such as first aid reports or workers’ comp claims, to document information that can help you identify possible ergonomics-related hazards and then take appropriate steps to address them. When reviewing records, look for patterns or trends in ergonomics-related injuries, such as:

  • Recurrence of particular kinds of injuries;
  • High incidence of injuries to workers who perform similar functions or use the same tools or equipment; and
  • High incidence of injuries to workers in particular locations or departments.