On April 5, 2024, Eastway Tank, Pump & Meter Limited […]


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Employee Wellness

Employee wellness encompasses strategies and programs designed to promote the overall health, safety, and well-being of workers in the workplace. OHS guidelines emphasize the importance of initiatives that support physical, mental, and emotional health. Employee wellness programs often include fitness activities, nutrition education, mental health resources, stress management support, ergonomic assessments, and access to healthcare services. Creating a culture that values and prioritizes employee wellness not only enhances productivity and morale but also reduces absenteeism, injuries, and healthcare costs, contributing to a safer and more positive work environment overall.

Mental Health Accommodations Policy & Procedure

POLICY STATEMENT ABC Company is committed to ensuring the health, […]

Flu & Infectious Illness Preparedness Checklist

You can use this Checklist to check your preparations for […]

Well-Being Checklist

BENEFITS Employers have a duty to not only protect workers’ […]

OHS & Wellness Participatory Program Checklist

BENEFITS Emerging evidence on integrated occupational safety and wellness programs […]

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