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Please Share Your Safety Expertise with Other Safety Professionals

When we launched the revamped ‘Ask the Expert‘ feature on OHSInsider.com, our hope was that the page would become a forum for our readers, most of whom are safety professionals, to share their knowledge, expertise and practical safety experience with others by answering workplace safety-related questions.

But so far only OHS Insider staff have answered reader-submitted questions. And some of the ones submitted are really best answered by safety professionals who have firsthand experience with that issue.

For example, a reader from Alberta asked what’s the best practice and/or requirement for disposal of hardhats or reflective safety vests that aren’t needed anymore’sell them’ give them away’

Other questions address topics such as:

  • Guardrail requirements for work platforms in Ontario
  • Radio headsets as hearing protection
  • The kind of fire extinguishers required for construction site trailers
  • How often physical demand analysis should be conducted in a manufacturing workplace
  • Accommodating workers in Alberta who don’t speak English.

So continue to submit workplace-safety related questions on the Ask the Expert page (don’t forget to include your jurisdiction)’but also please consider answering a question’or two’and helping out a fellow safety professional. Maybe next time, that person will be able to answer your question.