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Ontario Safety Inspection Blitz & Resources to Help You Prepare

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour just released its schedule for inspection blitzes for the rest of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. The schedule includes inspections focusing on compliance with both OHS and employment standards requirements.

Here’s the schedule as well as links to OHS Insider resources to help you make sure your workplace can pass inspection:





OHSI Resources

Vulnerable Workers OHS:Industrial, Health Care:
New and Young WorkersEmployment standards:

Salons, spas, nail salons
Manufacturing and distribution Fast food, restaurants Construction sites
Recreation: gyms, pools, bowling alleys
Recreation centres

May ‘ Aug. 2013May ‘ Aug. 2013 New and Young Worker Compliance Centre
Excavation Construction (OHS) May 2013 Focus on: Construction SafetyHazard Profile: Excavations and Trenching
Internal Responsibility System Mining (OHS) July 2013 Mining Operations at RiskThe IRS in Ontario Mines
Musculoskeletal Disorders Healthcare (OHS) Sept.-Oct. 2013 Ergonomics Compliance Centre
Fall Hazards Construction (OHS) Sept.-Oct. 2013 Fall Protection PlansHierarchy of Fall Protection Equipment
Retail Services Employment standards:Gas stations
Retail chains
Convenience store franchises/chainsOther retail/grocery
Oct.-Dec. 2013
Ground Control Mining (OHS) Oct. 2013 Traffic Control PlansTraffic Control Plan Form
Recycling and Waste Management Industrial Healthcare (OHS) Nov.-Dec. 2013 Hauling Hazardous WasteClassifying Waste

Model Waste Profile Sheet

Locking and Tagging in Mine Hoisting Plants Mining (OHS) Jan.-Feb. 2014 General LockoutGroup Lockout

Model Lockout Policy

Model Lockout Procedure

Lockout Handout for Workers

Construction in Active Workplaces OHS:Construction
Jan. 2014 Traffic Control PlansTraffic Control Plan Form
Warehousing Industrial (OHS) Feb.-March 2014 Materials HandlingForklift Inspection Checklist

Spot the Safety Violation

Manual Materials Handling