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OHS & Workers’ Comp Workplace Posting Requirements Checklist ? Yukon

The duty to post notices, information and other materials at your workplace for your employees comes in 2 basic kinds.

Use this checklist to ensure your organization has the required postings.


Yes No Comments
Any notice about OHS that Director orders employers to post (OHS Act, Sec. 31)
Copy of govt. safety officer order or inspection report (OHS Act, Sec. 41)
Copy of safety officer order regarding hazardous substances (OHS Act, Sec. 48(3))
Confined space entry permit (OHS Regs., Sec. 2.09(1))
Confined space atmospheric test results (OHS Regs., Sec. 2.18(3))
Checklist identifying machinery or equipment components covered by group lockout signed by 2 competent + appointed persons (OHS Regs., Sec. 3.05(1)(c))
Written group lockout procedure (OHS Regs., Sec. 3.05(6))
Notice stating necessity of promptly reporting all injuries + getting first aid treatment (Minimum First Aid Regs., Sec. 18.02(4)(a))
Location of first aid supplies, equipment + services (Minimum First Aid Regs., Sec. 18.02(4)(b))
Name of person in charge of first aid kit or room (Minimum First Aid Regs., Sec. 18.02(4)(c))
Name + qualifications of each person trained to provide first aid at workplace (Minimum First Aid Regs., Sec. 18.02(4)(d))
Emergency communication procedure (Minimum First Aid Regs., Sec. 18.02(4)(e))
Emergency phone list or instructions for contacting nearest police, fire, ambulance + medical facility (Minimum First Aid Regs., Sec. 18.02(4)(e))
Code of practice for safe operation of an x-ray machine posted near operating controls of equipment or given personally to each worker (Radiation Protection Regs., Sec. 16(3))
Any notice the Yukon WCHSB requires employer to post (Workers’ Comp Act, Sec. 119(1))
Sign barring entry to confined space at space entry (OHS Regs., Sec. 2.03)
Rated capacity of crane, hoist or lifting apparatus permanently posted on equipment (OHS Regs., Sec. 5.05(4)(a))
Warning signs in areas where hazardous materials may be dropped, spilled or dumped (OHS Regs., Sec. 8.03(6)(b))
Signs or placards warning workers of hazards within + precautions for entry into restricted work area or enclosure where hazardous material is handled or used (OHS Regs., Sec. 13.15)
Warning signs at entrances to, or on edge of, areas where persons are exposed to hazardous noise levels that clearly state that a noise hazard exists + describe the protective equipment required (Occ. Health Regs., Sec. 5(4))
Signs at entrance to, or on perimeter of

a restricted area containing asbestos, indicating that: (a) asbestos is present; (b) access is limited to authorized personnel; (c) asbestos is a carcinogen; + (d) eating, drinking + smoking are prohibited (Occ. Health Regs., Sec. 36(4))

Placard identifiers may be used in lieu of WHMIS workplace labels to communicate required hazard information about a hazardous product (WHMIS Regs., Sec. 10)
No-smoking signs of at least 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm that display a black or red graphic of international no-smoking symbol at least 5.6 cm in diameter + have a contrasting background (Smoke-free Places Regs., Sec. 4)
Additional signs when persons are seen smoking within 5 metres of doorways, windows or air intakes that: (a) are at least 15.3 cm x 15.3 cm; (b) display a black or red international no-smoking symbol graphic at least 10 cm in diameter; (c) have a contrasting background; + (d) state in letters at least 1 cm high: ‘No smoking within 5 metres’ (Smoke-free Places Regs., Sec. 4)

JHSC: Joint Health + Safety Committee
Safety Rep: Workplace Health + Safety Representative
DSR: Designated Smoking Room