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Management More Frustrating than Workers According to Poll

In a recent poll, we asked which group causes you more frustration in terms of safety: management or workers. The results weren’t even close’67% said management.

Support from senior management on safety issues and initiatives is really important to the success of the company’s OHS program and the workplace’s overall safety culture. So how do you get it’

One way is by using the OHS Insider’s Brief Your CEO/Senior Management articles, found under ‘Officers & Directors‘ in the index, to explain important safety compliance issues to your company’s officers, directors and other senior executives.

These briefings typically show the mistakes that other companies have made and what your company can learn from their experiences. The articles cover topics such as:

In addition, use our ‘Making the Business Case for Safety‘ content to convince senior management that investing in safety compliance, training and other safety-related initiatives will benefit both the workers and the company in various ways. Some of the topics covered by these articles include: