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Job Hazard Analysis Form

Introduction: How to Use This Tool

Hazard identification and assessment is crucial to OHS compliance and controlling health and safety risks. The job hazard analysis (JHA) (aka, “job safety analysis” or “task hazard analysis”) is a technique for identifying and assessing hazards that focuses on the particular jobs performed at the workplace. If you can’t do a JHA for all jobs, consult your joint health and safety committee (JHSC) or safety representative in selecting which jobs to target. In general, give priority to jobs that:

  • Have high rates of injury, illness, incidents and/or near misses;
  • Involve operations for which you’ve received OHS penalties or warnings;
  • That don’t have a history of but still have the potential to cause injury, illness, incident or OHS liability;
  • Have generated work refusals, JHSC recommendations and/or worker complaints.