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JHSC Member’s Termination Wasn’t a Reprisal for Raising Safety Concerns

A building operator for the YMCA and a member of the JHSC claimed he was fired for trying to raise safety issues with his supervisor and senior management. He said he’d complained to his supervisor on numerous occasions, but the supervisor either dismissed his concerns or refused to commit the resources required to address them. The Labour Relations Board found that of all the safety issues the operator referred to, there was evidence that most’if not all’were dealt with in a timely fashion. In addition, an OHS inspection revealed a few minor issues but no stop work orders were issued. Thus, there was no evidence his termination was a reprisal for raising safety concerns, concluded the Board [YMCA of Northeast Avalon Inc. (Re), [2016] N.L.L.R.B.D. No. 2, March 3, 2016].