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Incident Reporting – 2023 Year in Review


Feb 16: Accessibility Standards Canada and the CSA Group published 3 new accessibility standards that they collaborated to create:

Action Point: Find out more about accessibility laws across Canada


Aug 29: The federal government will provide nearly $73 million in Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities (OF) funding to support 31 projects launched by organizations across Canada this year. This is in addition to the $118 million to support 60 projects that the government announced last June.



Aug 26: A newly proposed regulation would add an item to the list of safety incidents that employers must report to the MOL under (Section 53 of) the OHS Act: failure to control a crane or load, including any rigging failure, except where permitted under (Section 162 of) the Construction Projects regulation.

Action Point: Use the resources on the OHSI Incident Reporting Compliance Centre to ensure proper incident investigation and reporting at your workplace.



Apr 12: Be sure to use the newly revised version of the Employer’s Initial Report of Injury (E1) form to report work injuries and submit workers comp claims to the Saskatchewan WCB.