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Employer’s Legal Obligations: Harassment, Bullying, Violence in the Workplace

Date: August 10, 2022

Time: 9:00 AM ‘ 10:00 AM PST

Speaker: Lorenzo Lisi


This presentation will be an overview of employer’s legal obligations with respect to harassment, bullying and violence in the workplace.
In Canada, OHS laws include due diligence which means employers shall take every reasonable precaution to prevent injury and incidents in the workplace – including taking actions to prevent harassment, bullying and violence. Harassment, bullying and/or violence deeply impact both employees and employers. Any form of harassment, bullying or violence contributes to an unhealthy or unsafe work environment. When workplaces are unhealthy it affects absenteeism, retention, recruitment, the company reputation, productivity, morale. The general duty for employers is to provide a safe and healthy workplace that protects employees from harmful risks at work, these risks include physical, emotional or psychological harm.
Lorenzo Lisi of Aird & Berlis LLP will lead this session with an in-depth overview of employer’s legal obligations with respect to harassment, bullying and violence in the workplace.
  • This presentation will look at:
  • The Statutory Regime: Legislative Requirements for employers in Ontario
  • Case law review: How courts and tribunals address employer responsibilities
  • Scenario Review: Understanding the obligations through a review of various scenarios
Lorenzo is the leader of Aird & Berlis’ Workplace Law Group. He has over 30 years of exclusive practice in this field, representing employers both provincially and federally. Lorenzo’s expertise includes wrongful & constructive dismissal, human rights, harassment, grievance and labour board litigation, collective bargaining, and much more. Lorenzo writes and speaks extensively. He is the originator of the Aird & Berlis Workplace Law webinar series which provides one hour webinars on current and topical labour and employment issues, and which offers practical advice and tips for employers in navigating the complex laws and rules of the workplace.