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Dealing with OHS Inspectors

How your company responds when an inspector shows up can have many repercussions. Are you ready for a safety inspection’

Every workplace is subject to an inspection at some point. No one wants a safety inspector to appear at their door, but it’s likely to happen to every workplace eventually. How your company responds when an inspector shows up can have many repercussions, some good and some bad.

In this Special Report, you will gain insight into reasons why a safety inspector might appear, proven techniques on how to handle an inspection, WHMIS checklist and much more.

  • Be ready for an OHS Inspection with our Inspection Response Policy
  • Learn from other companies mistakes in our Extensive Case Library.
  • Ready-to-use Incident Investigation & Reporting Policies
  • 4 tricks inspectors use to test workers WHMIS Training

This report includes everything you need to ensure your organization’s workplace violence policies and procedures are fully compliant, and your employees are safe.

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