Incident Investigation Physical Evidence Log



Anytime a safety incident occurs in your workplace—whether someone is injured or killed or it’s a near miss—you must investigate it. As part of your investigation, you should collect and/or document any relevant physical evidence, such as broken parts, debris, skid marks, damaged PPE, etc. Such evidence may be critical to determining the root cause(s) of the incident.


Use this log to document and track each piece of physical evidence of a safety incident. Map and photograph each piece of evidence before removing it. Don’t forget that you can’t disturb an incident scene before OHS officials permit you to do so. In addition and if possible, don’t remove any evidence until all witnesses have been interviewed because an intact incident scene may help witnesses remember the events more clearly. Also, use caution when retrieving evidence, which may be contaminated by hazardous substances, or have sharp or jagged edges. Tailor this form to reflect the incident investigation protocol in your workplace and retain it with the other records of your incident investigation.


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