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Charges Against Plant Based on Falling Car Seats Dismissed

Within four months, two car seats fell forward while on an assembly line in a plant, injuring workers. As a result, the plant was charged with falling to ensure that materials don’t fall and a guarding violation. The court dismissed the charges, ruling that the Crown hadn’t proven them beyond a reasonable doubt. It noted that nearly two million seats had been built at the plant, with only two falling, And the injuries the falls caused were minor. So the JHSC reasonably didn’t consider the risk of seats falling to be a high priority. In addition, the cause of the falls wasn’t reasonably foreseeable. The court also concluded that the plant had taken all reasonable care under the circumstances [Ontario (Ministry of Labour) v. Magna Seating Inc., [2015] ONCJ 7 (CanLII), Jan. 9, 2015].