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ALERT: Applications for Ontario’s Prevention Council Now Being Accepted

One of the key components of the reform of Ontario’s OHS law is a multi-stakeholder Prevention Council, whose job will be to advise the Chief Prevention Officer and the Minister of Labour. The Council will consist of 11 appointees:

  • Four employer representatives;
  • Four labour representatives;
  • One non-union worker representative;
  • One occupational health and safety expert; and
  • One Workplace Safety and Insurance Board expert

On March 8, the MOL announced that it’s now accepting applications for membership on the Council.

The deadline: March 21, 2012. So act fast if you’re interested. You can apply online or download and mail in the application.

The ad is posted on the Public Appointments Secretariat (PAS) web site. The goal is for the Council’s membership to reflect as broad a range of organizations and interests as possible, including:

  • Large, medium and small organizations;
  • Trade unions;
  • Employer associations;
  • Labour associations;
  • Individuals with expertise in prevention;
  • Community organizations; and
  • Groups representing vulnerable and injured workers.

In addition, the members should reflect various economic sectors, including, but not limited to, industrial/utilities; agriculture; services; construction; manufacturing; broader public sector; health care and resource industries.

To be qualified, members should:

  • Be knowledgeable about the prevention issues facing Ontario;
  • Understand the diverse nature of prevention in workplaces;
  • Be a recognized leader with a demonstrated commitment to prevention;
  • Be a strategic thinker with sound judgement;
  • Have integrity and credibility in the health and safety community;
  • Be an effective communicator with the ability to work with others and collaborate effectively in consensual decision-making; and
  • Be results oriented.