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Workplace Safety Is International

It used to be the case that companies had one or two locations in the same general area. But these days, many companies are huge international organizations with multiple locations in several jurisdictions—and even different companies.

For example, in a recent poll, you told us that your company has facilities in:

  • Canada and in one province/territory (42%)
  • Canada and the US (32%)
  • Canada but in multiple provinces/territories (16%)
  • Canada and other countries, not including the US (10%).

Having locations in different jurisdictions with different OHS laws makes a safety coordinator’s job especially challenging. Although the OHS laws across Canada and in the US have many things in common, there are differences. And your company’s OHS program needs to recognize and incorporate the different requirements.

The OHS Insider is designed to help you comply with Canada’s various OHS laws.

For those of you with locations in the US as well as Canada, we have a new sister website that can help you comply with the US’s OHS laws.

SafetySmart Compliance is the leading guide for OSHA compliance and management. It’ll help you:

  • Learn about OSHA laws, standards, interpretive guidance and case rulings, and how they affect your company’s OHS policies and procedures
  • Take practical steps you need to comply with OSHA regulations and reduce legal risk
  • Improve your OSHA management system with proven “how-to” help
  • Access Compliance Centers to get everything you need on critical OHSA topics
  • Download model policies, forms, checklists and more in the OSHA Toolbox
  • Use compliance Pro-level Webinars as direct connection to industry’s leading experts.