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Worker’s Erratic Attendance Warranted Reporting Conditions & Discipline

A worker was late’sometimes by two hours or more’on eight occasions in a little over five months. During that same time period, he was also out with undisclosed illnesses 21 times. Because he didn’t have any explanation as to why he couldn’t get to work on time and didn’t notify his supervisor when he was going to be late or out, the employer imposed reporting conditions on him alone. When he violated those conditions, he was disciplined on a progressive basis. The worker challenged the discipline as discriminatory but the adjudicator dismissed his grievance. The conditions the employer imposed on this worker were reasonable given his erratic attendance history. And there was no medical evidence that he had a disability that required accommodation [Riche v. Treasury Board (Department of National Defence), [2013] PSLRB 35 (CanLII), April 2, 2013].