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WHMIS V. GHS Comparison Chart
MSDS/SDS REQUIREMENTS Under the Hazardous Product Act and Controlled Products Regulations, MSDSs for ‘controlled products’ must include nine categories of information identified by designated headings:

1) Hazardous ingredients

2) Preparation information

3) Product information

4) Physical data

5) Fire or explosion hazard

6) Reactivity data

7) Toxicological properties

8) Preventative measures

9) First aid measures


The information in a safety data sheet (SDS) should be presented using the following 16 headings in the following order:

1) Identification

2) Hazard identification

3) Composition/information on ingredients

4) First aid measures

5) Fire-fighting measures

6) Accidental release measures

7) Handling and storage

8) Exposure controls/personal protection

9) Physical and chemical properties

10) Stability and reactivity

11) Toxicological information

12) Ecological information

13) Disposal considerations

14) Transport information

15) Regulatory information

16) Other information