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The True Value of Ergonomics

The True Value of Ergonomics – What Cost : Benefit To Expect’

Are you underestimating the TRUE value of ergonomics’ Our experience tells us that most employers and businesses do not understand the true value that effective ergonomic initiatives can have on their bottom line.

For too long ergonomics has resided in peoples’ opinion as just one component of a Health & Safety Program. Not only that, ergonomics is sometimes seen as a less ‘risky’ or imminent health and safety concern, since ergonomics focuses on the cumulative effects of work on long-term health and well-being. As a result, ergonomics is not always prioritized, and the potential value of the program may not be fully apparent to all stakeholders. However, much like a good Health & Safety Program does more than ensuring employees’ safety, ergonomics provides many more benefits than injury prevention.

Research has shown that a good Ergonomics Program has the potential to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, decrease quality issues and rework, and improve overall employee engagement. If we truly want Ergonomics Programs to be embraced by those outside the Health and Safety profession i.e. production & upper management, then we should start talking about ergonomics in their terms, in a language that appeals and speaks value to these groups.

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Source: Rachel Mitchell, R.Kin., MSc., CCPE, Manager of Ergonomics Services for ERGO Inc.