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Spot the Safety Violations: Is This What You’d Call a Proper Step Ladder?


To find out the 4 things this worker is doing wrong

  1. While you know the difference between a railing and a step ladder, this worker obviously didn’t get the memo. As a result, he’s put himself at risk of falling to the concrete surface below.
  2. As he’s standing on that sliver of metal, he’s reaching over in an unnatural way likely to cause a loss of balance.
  3. A simple fall isn’t the only risk. That power trimmer the worker’s holding which is designed to cut through branches the width of a finger, is in a perfect spot to do him some serious damage should it come loose during a fall.
  4. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt on safety glasses and hearing protection—though the picture doesn’t make it clear whether he’s wearing any. He’s still making a protective clothing faux pas by not wearing long sleeves and pants to guard against flying debris.