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Safety Culture Questionnaire


Before you use this tool, you may want to read the further analysis presented here: Managing Your OHS Program: Answer 8 Questions to Measure Your Safety Culture


Companies with strong safety cultures experience fewer workplace injuries and vice versa. But how do you know how robust your company’s safety culture is’


This questionnaire is based on one created by a team of researchers from the Institute for Work & Health (IWH) and other OHS organizations to measure safety culture by assessing the degree to which organizations adhere to optimal OHS policies and practices. (If you have questions about the original IWH questionnaire, contact opm@iwh.on.ca.) Ask everyone in the company, from senior management to supervisors to workers, to fill it out anonymously. The completed questionnaires should be scored as follows:

  • 0-20%: 1 point
  • 20-40%: 2 points
  • 40-60%: 3 points
  • 60-80%: 4 points
  • 80-100%: 5 points.

The higher the total score for the workplace, the lower its injury rate.


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