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Propane Handling & Storage Violations Result in $55,000 Fine

A company operated a propane filling and distribution centre where a fire occurred. About 30,000 propane tanks and three trucks were damaged in the fire but no one was hurt. An investigation revealed that the company filled and stored leaking, damaged and corroded cylinders and that its propane cylinder-filling carousel wasn’t operating properly and would routinely overfill cylinders. Rather than immediately evacuating these overfilled cylinders as required, workers stored them in the part of the facility where the fire started. The company pleaded guilty under the OHS laws to failing to ensure that propane cylinders were stored in a manner that didn’t endanger a worker and under the laws governing propane storage and handling to filling propane cylinders that were damaged, leaking or corroded. The court fined it $55,000 [Vomar Industries Inc., Govt. News Release, March 28, 2014].