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Preferred Packaging Practices Questionnaire


Before you use this tool, you may want to read the further analysis presented here: SUSTAINABILITY: Take 5 Steps to Make Your Product Packaging More Sustainable


The trend to make manufacturers more responsible for their end products may expand to include product packaging. The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME), a quasi-governmental body made up of the federal, provincial and territorial ministers of the environment, published a Canadian Code of Preferred Packaging Practices (‘Code’) designed to help companies reduce the waste associated with the packaging of the items they produce.


This questionnaire from the Code is intended to help companies evaluate options to minimize the impact of their packaging on the environment. For every answer that suggests a negative impact on the environment, explain in the comments section why the packaging causes that effect. Review these explanations to determine if the negative impact is avoidable or if changes can be made to remove or lessen it.


CCME’s Canadian Code of Preferred Packaging Practices