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OHS Fines Scorecard for 2024 (Jan. 1 thru Feb. 13)

Six weeks into the year, there have been 11 OHS reported fines across Canada in 2024. Among these, 6 totaled over $100,000. As one would expect, Ontario accounted for the most reported fines—6 of 11, as well as 4 of the 6 biggest fines. The other 2 6-figure fines during the period came from Alberta, including the largest reported fine–$350,000 against an oilfield company for a pipe worker’s fatality.

A single Ontario case involving a construction collapse that killed 2 workers and critically injured 4 others accounted for 2 of the period’s biggest fines, including a penalty of $260,000 against the company responsible for the formwork and $140,000 against the company that carried out the concrete pouring operation that caused the collapse.

Keep in mind that these numbers are artificially low to the extent that many provinces don’t publicly report their OHS fines and WorkSafeBC, which hands out the most fines of any jurisdiction by far, doesn’t report penalties until roughly 3 or 4 months after it hands them out. Here’s a summary of all of the major OHS fines from January 1 through the first 2 weeks of February.

OHS Fines Reported from January 1 to February 13, 2024 (over $20,000)

Jurisdiction Fine Company What Happened Violation(s)
Alberta $350,000 Xtreme Oilfield Group Inc. Check valve of pipe under pressure breaks, strikes and kills worker performing tests on the pipe Failure to ensure a worker’s health and safety
Ontario $260,000 iSpan Systems LP Concrete pour operation causes construction collapse, killing 2 workers and seriously injuring 4 others Failure to ensure that a building, structure or any part of it was capable of supporting loads that may be applied to it
Ontario $140,000 East Elgin Concrete Forming Ltd. Concrete pour operation causes construction collapse, killing 2 workers and seriously injuring 4 others Failure to provide proper safety information, instruction and training on concrete measuring
Ontario $120,000 OJB Industries Inc. Worker sandblasting metal turret in metal turret in abrasive blast room dies of carbon monoxide poisoning Failure to ensure that the compressed breathing air system of victim’s respirator was equipped with a continuous carbon monoxide monitor and properly calibrated
Ontario $110,000 Matpol Metal Roof Manufacturing Ltd., c/o/b as Canadian Metal Roof Manufacturing Ltd. Worker suffers fatal fall while installing metal sheathing on a second-storey roof Failure, as constructor, to ensure fall protection to a worker at risk of falling more than 3 metres
Alberta $102,000 Great Northern Plumbing Inc. Rack holding steel pipe buckles under the weight and collapses on worker causing serious injury Failure to ensure that rated capacity on the operation of equipment wasn’t exceeded
Ontario $70,000 Amco Farms Inc. Worker replacing the hydraulic cylinders on a scissor lift injured when lift’s platform and lifting mechanism collapse Failure to ensure that lift’s platform and lifting mechanism were securely blocked to keep them from moving or falling
Saskatchewan $46,000 Pedigree Poultry Ltd. Poultry plant worker suffers serious injury after getting foot entangled in a horizontal auger system Not disclosed, but presumably failure to properly guard a machine
Manitoba $45,000 MacDougall Steel Erectors Inc. Steel column falls while being hoisted striking worker’s foot resulting in amputation of several toes Failure to ensure that workers and supervisors were properly trained on hazards of the work
British Columbia $43,359 VPAC Construction Group Ltd Inspectors spot OHS violations Multiple violations
Saskatchewan $24,000 J & H Rentals Ltd. Worker suffers serious injury after falling through an opening in a work platform Failure to ensure that a floor or work surface opening through which a worker is covered with a securely installed covering capable of supporting a load of 360 kg per square metre and marked with a warning sign

Source: Bongarde