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Learn 10 Common Due Diligence Errors?and How to Avoid Making Them

Safety professionals focus a lot of time and energy on due diligence. That is, they try to ensure that their organizations take all reasonable steps to comply with the OHS laws and protect workers from foreseeable hazards, and that the organization can prove it exercised due diligence in court if necessary.

But companies and individuals don’t always get it right. Fortunately, you can learn from the due diligence mistakes made by others by attending our webinar, 10 Common Due Diligence Errors Made by Companies & People, on Nov. 4, 2015.

In this one-hour session, OHS lawyers David G. Myrol and Kathleen Garbutt from McLennan Ross will provide:

  • An overview of the legal requirements of due diligence
  • Case Law Analysis: What judges are telling us about due diligence in recent cases
  • A summary of 10 common mistakes companies and people are making as to due diligence.

And there will be a 15 minute Q&A at the end of the session in which you can ask your own questions about due diligence.

The Nov. 4th webinar is free for all OHS Insider members, who can register here.

Non-members can register for $99 (plus taxes) here.

In the meantime, the OHS Insider has many articles, tools and other resources on due diligence, including each year’s Due Diligence Scorecard (here’s Part 1 of this year’s Scorecard) as well as:

About the Speakers

David G. Myrol, partner, is a nationally recognized lawyer in OHS law. He has consistently been named in Best Lawyers since 2008 and was named ‘Lawyer of the Year’ by that publication in 2014 for Edmonton Labour and Employment. David is an experienced OHS trial lawyer, having been involved in most of the leading OHS cases in Alberta. He was Alberta’s first designated OHS Crown Prosecutor, where he headed a pilot project with Alberta Justice that still serves as the model for OHS prosecutions in Alberta. David is now a partner with McLennan Ross LLP, where he helps companies strategically respond to industrial accidents and defends them and their people against OHS charges.

Kathleen Garbutt is an associate in the McLennan Ross Edmonton office with experience in commercial litigation and insurance & risk management. She represents both individuals and corporations with personal injury and property damage claims, and also has experience providing coverage opinions. In addition, she has experience handling OHS matters.