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Source of First Aid Requirements By Jurisdiction

What’s At Stake


The first step in complying with your jurisdiction’s OHS rules is to figure out where those rules are. While often contained within the general OHS regulations, first aid requirements may also be in a standalone regulation (a la Newfoundland and Nova Scotia) or stashed in a non-OHS law as in Ontario (workers’ comp law) and Qu‚bec (part OHS, part Industrial Accidents law). By pointing out the hiding place in each part of Canada, the following chart may be able to save you time and frustration.


Source of Workplace First Aid Law by Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction Source of Workplace First Aid Health & Safety Requirements
Federal OHS Regulations, Part XVI
Alberta OHS Code, Part 11
BC OHS Regulation, Part 3
Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Regulation, Part 5
New Brunswick First Aid Regulation (under OHS Act)
Newfoundland/Labrador OHS First Aid Regulations
Nova Scotia OHS First Aid Regulations
Ontario First Aid Requirements (Under Workplace Safety & Insurance Act)
Prince Edward Island OHS Act General Regulations, Part 9
Qu‚bec *OHS Act, Division II

*Medical Aid Regulation (under Industrial Accidents & Occupational Diseases Act)

Saskatchewan OHS Regulations, Part V
Northwest Territories OHS Regulations, Part 5
Nunavut OHS Regulations, Part 5
Yukon OHS Regulations, Part 18