Home Forums Answer for I am aware of the employers right to gather more medical information if we receive a note from a doctor that is ambiguous. I am wondering how far can the employer go in gathering information. I have recently had two employees state that they are unable to work a full week. They medically require one day off. Do I have any further recourse I can pursue as the employer?

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Me again. I just realized that I missed a key point–that the employee wants to take a day off EACH WEEK. That’s a bit different because it amounts not to a medical excuse but a request for an accommodation. Under human rights laws, you DO have a right to request more detailed verification of a medical disability requiring an accommodation in work schedules, HR policies, etc. So, no, that letter you got from the doctor is NOT adequate and you can request more specific and detailed info verifying the need for the accommodation. But be careful. Accommodation requests are pretty sensitive and I’d strongly suggest seeking counsel from a lawyer before making your next move. Sorry it took me so long to figure this out but I hope this will still help. Glenn