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Under Sec. 25(1) of the Manitoba Employment Standards Code, employees who work on a general holiday like Thanksgiving get BOTH pay for the hours worked at the time-and-a-half overtime rate AND holiday pay for the day.
Exception: Under Sec. 25(2), different rules apply if the employee works “in a continuously operating business, climate-controlled agricultural business, seasonal business, place of amusement, gasoline service station, hospital, hotel or restaurant, or in domestic service,” in which case the employer may, instead of paying overtime for hours worked and holiday pay for the day:
(a) Pay the employee for the hours worked on the general holiday as if it were not a general holiday; and
(b) Give the employee a day off, with holiday pay, on another day that would normally have been a workday for the employee:
(i) within 30 days after the general holiday, with at least two days’ notice of the day to be taken off, or
(ii) if the employee agrees, within any longer period but before the employee’s next annual vacation.
Hope that helps and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Glenn