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Earthquake Preparedness Checklist


The earthquake tragedy that struck Japan can happen to any of you at any time. Earthquakes cannot be predicted. But they can be prepared for. This Checklist will help frame the steps your company should take to make adequate preparations for an earthquake.



The Checklist, which is adapted from a model from the Southern California Earthquake Centre and the University of Southern California, outlines 7 sets of activities companies should take to prepare for an earthquake, along with the specific measures s each step requires to implement, including:

  • Identifying and addressing potential hazards
  • Creating a disaster plan
  • Preparing disaster supplies kits
  • Identifying and addressing potential weaknesses in your building
  • Protecting yourself and workers during the actual earthquake
  • Checking for injuries and damage after the earthquake
  • Implementing your disaster plan after the immediate threat subsides.

Use this Checklist to assess the adequacy of your own earthquake preparations.