Incident Response Compliance Centre

All safety incidents require an appropriate response—whether they’re minor, such as a worker who trips on equipment and twists his ankle, or major, such as an explosion in which workers are seriously injured or killed. You must ensure that the company reports incidents when required, investigates them internally and cooperates with any government investigation.

Guidance and Insight

Factsheet Explains Importance of Root Cause Analysis in Incident Investigations

A root cause analysis lets an employer discover the underlying or systemic, rather than the generalized or immediate, causes of an incident.

DOS & DON’TS: [√] Have an Incident Investigation Kit Ready to Go

To conduct an effective and prompt incident investigation, prepare a kit of the tools you'll need in advance and have it readily available.

13 Dos & Don’ts for Assessing Evidence from Incident Investigations

Consider following these dos and don’ts when evaluating the evidence you’ve gathered in an investigation of a safety incident.
Looking into tank for toxic waste

Releases of Dangerous Goods: Don’t Forget Your OHS Reporting Duties

Spills of hazardous substances may trigger reporting requirements under various laws.
Environmental Spill Cleanup Effort

UPDATE: Changes to the Environmental Emergency (E2) Regulations

Here’s a review of the general law on E2 plans, the changes to the regulations and a checklist you can use to create an E2 plan that complies with the new requirements.


Incident Investigation Physical Evidence Log

Use this log to document and track each piece of physical evidence of a safety incident. Tailor it to reflect your incident investigation protocol.

Incident Investigation Checklist

Use this checklist when conducting an incident investigation so that you don’t overlook key areas, issues, documentation, information, tasks, etc.

Model Incident & Near Miss Reporting Policy

To ensure that you comply with reporting requirements in the OHS laws, you should have an internal reporting policy for incidents and near misses.
Accident Report

Model Incident Investigation Form

Documenting the results of your safety incident investigations is critical.

Duty to Cooperate with an OHS Investigation

HOW TO USE THE TOOL Here’s a briefing that you can download and give to your CEO, Board or members of senior management to educate...