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Company & Worker Fined $156,000 after Asphalt Is Dumped on Truck’s Cab

A truck driver arrived at a facility to pick up asphalt. He stopped under a silo after hearing a horn, believing that the truck was in the correct place. But it was in the wrong position and the asphalt began releasing onto the truck’s cab, caving it in. The driver suffered severe injuries. During the MOL’s testing of the photo sensors intended to prevent the release of asphalt if a truck wasn’t lined up correctly, a worker turned off the sensor bypass to the silo without the inspector’s knowledge or permission. The asphalt company pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that the silo was guarded or shielded to prevent its asphalt from endangering a worker and to provide the driver with adequate information, instruction and supervision on the asphalt loading process. It was fined $150,000. The worker pleaded guilty to altering the scene without the inspector’s permission and was fined $6,000 [1648133 Ontario Ltd. and Colin Martin, Govt. News Release, Nov. 15, 2012].