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Safety Mentor Programs in Action

Safety mentor programs are more common than you may think and are used in a wide range of workplaces. Here are just a few examples of workplaces in BC with successful safety mentor programs:

  • Harris Rebar: Harris Rebar’s six-week orientation program mixes classroom instruction, hands-on learning and mentorship. New workers train for three weeks in small classes of 10 to 12 people. Then for the next 90 days, they’re partnered with a journeyman tradesperson, who mentors them.
  • LRD Contracting: This forestry company starts new workers in the BC Forest Safety Council’s faller certification program. After this training, a supervisor orients them at the worksite and mentors them for three months. Mentors teach workers to recognize unsafe conditions and document daily evaluations. When new workers show consistent skill at falling trees safely, mentors cut visits back to every couple of days and continue to evaluate safe work practices using a checklist.
  • London Drugs: This retailer’s orientation program starts with a three-day induction at head office. New workers then team up with a ‘safety buddy,’ a mentor who guides them through an orientation at their store.