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Workplace Opioid Overdose & Naloxone Response Policy

In recognition that addiction to opioid drugs is a societal problem and that overdoses can happen anytime and anywhere, including within the workplace, ABC Company will provide for trained staff to administer naloxone, in accordance with federal and provincial law and medical guidelines and oversight, to persons suffering from opioid overdose in the workplace at the earliest possible opportunity to minimize risk of death.


The purpose of this Policy is to set clear guidelines on use of naloxone by approved staff in the workplace setting.


For purposes of this Policy:

Naloxone is an antidote drug that can be given via injection or intranasally to temporarily restore breathing to a person experiencing an opioid overdose:

  • IM naloxone refers to intramuscular administration of naloxone, either from a vial and syringe or an auto-injector;
  • IN naloxone refers to the intranasal administration of naloxone;

Opioids, aka opiates, are a class of drug derived from the poppy such as morphine and codeine, or synthetic or partially synthetic formulas such as heroin, oxycodone, methadone, fentanyl, typically prescribed to treat pain;

Opioid overdose is an acute life-threatening condition that can slow or stop a person’s breathing caused by use of a dose of too much opioids;

Rescue breathing consists of one deep breath in the subject’s mouth every five seconds, ensuring that the person is lying on their back, with head tilted up and nose plugged.


ABC Company will appoint a qualified and properly trained individual to serve as Naloxone Coordinator for the workplace with responsibility for:

  • Collaborating with local partners to obtain naloxone, either directly or by prescription;
  • Selecting locations to store naloxone that are readily accessible to authorized staff responsible for administering naloxone and clearly marked as containing naloxone;
  • Ensuring that naloxone kits are in ample supply, properly equipped, current and not past expiration date;
  • Ensuring that authorized staff are adequately trained in overdose recognition, naloxone use, and storage;
  • Maintaining the naloxone use report form and log; and
  • Replacing naloxone kits that are damaged, unusable, expired or used.

Naloxone must be provided by authorized staff who successfully complete training in:

  • Overdose prevention;
  • Overdose recognition;
  • Overdose response with naloxone and overdose response without naloxone;
  • This Policy and protocol;
  • A walk-through of the site to identify high risk areas of the facility (like bathrooms or rooms)…